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Ginseng Peel Off-Mask

This treatment Peel-off masks work by penetrating deep into your pores and gently removing the dead cells in the outermost layer of your skin. Ginseng helps boost the circulation of the blood vessels in the skin, which in turn makes the skin firmer, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Its energizing factors assist in brightening and revitalizing the complexion.

Ginseng's natural anti-inflammatory properties help subdue redness and puffiness of the skin. This property makes it a great calming remedy for skin problems such as dark circles, acne, and psoriasis. The use of a ginseng face mask can bring moisture and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin types. It moisturizes the skin giving it a more plump and youthful appearance and removes deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It's also used to remove soft, short hairs on your face.

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