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Exion RF Microneedling


Exion radiofrequency (RF) is the newest way to treat your skin with the combined technology of monopolar RF & AI (artificial intelligence) for precise energy delivery to deeper skin layers.

The Exion Fractional RF can deliver energy up to 8mm deep without physically inserting needles into the deeper layers of your skin. As a result, patients are able to have a much more comfortable experience while achieving significant improvements in their skin texture.

  • What is RF Microneedling Best For?

    ● Upon Entry into the skin, RF Microneedling will cause a natural response to produce new collagen-rich tissue.● RF addresses many skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles and loose or sagging skin to rough, uneven skin texture.● RF is great for targeting Scar Tissue & even Stretch Marks.

  • What is the Downtime?

    ● RF Microneedling is considered a non-invasive procedure.● Risk and downtime involved are minimal.● Discomfort involved is next to non-existent.● Common side-effect felt by most patients is a little skin irritation and redness of the skin.

  • How Does Exion Stand Out from Other RF Microneedling Treatments?

    ● Reaches deep layers without full needle insertion.● Minimizes discomfort while maximizing results.● AI optimizes safe energy delivery for SINGLE-PASS procedures unlike previous technology needing multiple passes.● 41% in Acne Scar Reduction.● Safe for All Skin Types.● Used for Face & Body.● 22% Fat Reduction in Hard-to-Reach Areas.

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